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When someone builds an emotional connection with a child, teenager or adult to gain their trust for the purpose of sexual abuse or exploitation or to convert. It often happens online.

In 2019, an estimated 19,000 people were sexually groomed in England. 

What are the Steps of Grooming?

  • Targeting the victim by taking advantage of their vulnerabilities.

  • Gaining the victim's trust by getting to know their needs.

  • Filling a need to become more important in the victim's life.

  • Isolating the person by creating situations in which they are alone together.

  • Sexualising the relationship after having built emotional dependence.

  • Maintaining control By threats of blame, violence, emotional blackmail along with many other methods.

Helpline and Support

We are here to help you. Get in touch with our Victim Support Helpline available 24/7 to get the support you need.

07743 731 745


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  • Being secretive about how they are spending their time.

  • Having a much older boyfriend or girlfriend.

  • Having money or new things like clothes and mobile phones that they can't or wont explain.

  • Underage drinking or drug taking.

  • Being upset, withdrawn or distressed.

  • Sexualized behavior, language or an understanding of sex that's not appropriate for their age.

  • Spending more time away from home or going missing for periods of time.

  • Be aware of grooming. A person is unlikely to know they are being groomed if they are not aware of the issue or signs.

  • Be cautious and take care during a night out. Alcohol and date rape drugs can be used to take advantage of a person and lead to grooming.

  • Approach new relationships with care. Ensure that the person has your best interest in mind.

  • Have confidence in your identity. This will reduce the chance of being negatively influenced by others.

  • Be a good friend and look out for your friends and speak to them if something seems wrong.

  • Become aware of the dangers of social media.

Past Campaigns


The Hindu community in the UK is facing a significant challenge in the form of grooming and religious conversion. These practices are causing upheaval within individuals and families, and they are having a negative impact on the community as a whole.

The Hindu Support Network (HSN) is a group that is working to address this challenge. They have initiated a campaign aimed at increasing awareness about grooming and religious conversion. The campaign focuses on recognizing the signs of these practices, as well as providing necessary support to those who have been affected.

Our Impact



Awareness Campaigns Conducted



Support Groups Formed



Women Protected from Grooming and Conversion



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