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About Us

Hindu Support Network (HSN) is a not-for-profit, voluntary organisation dedicated to educating and raising awareness on various social problems and concerns like Domestic Abuse, Grooming, Religious Conversion and their impact on Hindus and wider community.

The main aim of HSN will be to support, guide, and protect as much of the Hindu community as far as possible, who are affected by these social concerns, and act against any silent prevalent social injustice and criminal acts.

Our Mission

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  • To provide the entire Hindu community with access to awareness campaigns, advice
    and counselling, and to support victims and their families in sufferance of the above
    social concerns and criminal acts.






Voice for Hindu community

Our Methodology 

  • To create a national support framework by way of local HSN chapters.

  • To create support groups to provide emotional, legal, and other support to the victims and their families from the above social concerns.

  • To organise events/seminars/lectures/workshops and campaigns nationally and locally to raise awareness of the above social concerns and impact upon the British Hindu community.

  • To deliver services through multiple channels, to aim to work in partnership with governmental authorities, local communities, and support groups.

Our Values

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Trustworthy, clear, honest, and respectful with all communication and support with a positive attitude change to Honest, Respectful and Positive Attitude.

We collaborate inside and outside the organisation to maximise our shared knowledge and experiences to ensure that victims are dealt in the best possible way with utmost care and confidentiality. Our team can help the victims and their families overcome the situation they are in.

Our Partners

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